Box Coffee is a Cold Brew Coffee bar, born & raised in Miami.

Miami is hot hot heat so our coffee is cold cold brew! That means 100% Cold Coffee only in our Wynwood coffee bar... no espresso machine, pour-overs or hot coffee to be seen. We source the best possible beans from around the world, roast them right here in Miami in collaboration with our mates at Per'La, brew it in stainless steel tanks for 16-22 hours depending on the bean and it's ready to go.

Drink it straight up over ice, check out or take on a mocha or sip one of our specialties like Florida Orange Fizz... a refreshingly delicious combo of Cold brew coffee, muddled orange & blood orange fizz that's nothing like anything you've ever had before!

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Bec Milgrom


Bec is our ideas factory with a passion for travel and finding inspo wherever she goes. Originally from Australia, Bec is a self-confessed foodie with 8 years in craft beer & wine and a love of the sun, but a serious inability to deal with the Miami Summer heat. Always looking to shake it up, a chance to show people a new side of coffee & drink unlimited cold brew is her dream come true. 

Lucas Cravero


Lucas is our early bird and Chief Executive Officer of getting sh*t done. As soon as Lucas arrived in Miami, he knew he didn't want to live anywhere else! All the sun, sailing & volleyball he could handle but just one thing was missing... the great coffee he was used to drinking on the West Coast. Fast forward to a late night brainstorming session with Bec and Box Coffee was born.