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Headphones Cable Management Tips

wired headphones

You bought new headphones, enjoy the amazing sound, listen to your favorite music and do not suspect that your joy can end very quickly. The thing is that most of us do not know how to properly handle headphones, and in particular with a cable.

And now we will look at the tips that will help keep the headphone cable in working order.

While listening to headphones, try not to put the player or phone in your pocket with the jack down.

We connect headphones to phones or players and then put them in our pockets. Make sure the headphone jack is on top so that the player or phone does not press on it at all times. In this position, the headphone wire will be constantly exposed to completely unnecessary physical stress, which will very soon lead to the wire breaking and the headphone breakage even on such high-quality models as those reviewed in the Audio-Technica ATH-AD500X vs ATH-AD700X review. To protect the headphone cable from premature breakage, always carry your phone or player in your pocket with the jack facing up.

wired headphones

Clip the headphone cord to your clothing

If you fix the clip on the headphone wire in a convenient place for you and attach it to your clothes, this will solve several problems at once. The microphone effect is greatly reduced.

The clip will help relieve stress from the wire in the part that attaches to the headphones.

Remove the headphones from the jack by the plug, not by the wire

Never use the cord to pull the headphones out of your ear. Every time you pull on the wire, you expose the joints to unnecessary stress, in these places the wire begins to wear out very quickly and after a few months of daily use it can completely fail.

wired headphones

Keep the cable coiled when not in use

The cable is the most vulnerable part of the headphones, it is always subjected to serious stress, even with careful handling of the headphones.
Therefore, in order to protect it from unnecessary kinks while storing the headphones, always wind it up in such a way that it does not take up much space, but at the same time does not have obvious strong bends in some places, especially near the base of the jack and where it is attached to the headphones.

Headphones Cable Management Tips
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